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Quality audio and visual integration has become a great way to engage with patrons and improve the customer experience. Simply, patrons have more fun at your hospitality business, stay longer and keep coming back.


Boost sales, entertaining customers, elevating your profile, and enhancing customer experience are only some of the key reasons to install quality Audio and Visual equipment in your hospitality property.

Our support covers your existing business. 

Sometimes an upgrade of key items is all you need. By specifying and installing the correct equipment into your property we assure you that you are kept up to date with the current technology advances. 

Audio paired with a visual experience. 

There are so many options to achieve optimal audio coverage within your property. Let's have a chat about it. 

Digital displays provide a lot of benefits over a chalkboard or static menu. Quicker menu updates, easier to read in dim lighting, and flexible to show sporting events, promotions, social media activations as well as your menu items. 

See some more information about digital signage displays for your store below. 



Panasonic Projector Range

Oversized Viewing for Sports Games

bar-tv-panasonic TH-75FX780Z.jpg

Panasonic Professional TV Range

75inch Premium Sized Screens

bar-tv-TCL .jpg

TCL Smart and Android TV Range

Feature Heavy, Budget Friendly


Sharp Commercial Display Panel Range

Up To A Mammoth 90inch


Projection Screens 

Motorised & Recessed Range

Festive Food Display Cabinet Range

Enhance The Presentation Of Food

bar-tv-LG 86inch .jpg

LG TV Range

Up To An Eye Catching 86inch


Audio Systems for Even Coverage

Enhance Customer Experience

TV Wall Mount Brackets

Range of different mounting styles

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Practical and logical thinkers. 

Specific and detailed designers.

Efficient and dedicated suppliers.

Whether you own a sports bar, pub, or restaurant, your TV service, projection system and audio system is one thing you want to get right.

From digital signage and menu boards to projectors and large screen LED TVs with full control of sound to different zones, we can also assist with DJ and Lighting equipment. 

Give us a call to discuss your needs….


Expertly selected technology.

Efficiently delivered. 


Contact us to arrange a package to suit you. 


We offer a full service package to supply, set up and install your technology.


We also provide training for you to understand and obtain full performance from the equipment.

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